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Grisenko, A. Extended version: arXiv Huang, S. Fast polynomial approximatio of heat kernel convolution on manifolds and its application to brain sulcal and gyral graph pattern analysisIEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, in press arXiv Journal of Neuroscience Methods arXiv Chung, M. Xing, M. NeuroImage, Statistical analysis on brain surfacesHandbook of Neuroimaging Data Analysis. Wang, Y. Composite growth model applied to human oral and pharyngeal structures and identifying the contribution of growth types.

St atistical Methods in Medical Research. Lee, H. LecturePoster invi ted talk. Vorperian, H. Unified heat kernel regression for diffusion, kernel smoothing and wavelets on manifolds and its application to mandible growth modeling in CT imagesMedical Image Analysis.

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M, Kelley, D. Mapping brain-behavior correlations in autism using heat kernel smoothingQuantitative Bio-Science Computing the shape of brain network using graph filtration and Gromov-Haudorff metric. Hosseinbor, A. Sparse brain network recovery under compressed sensing. Special Issue on Compressed Sensing.

moo chung (mchung)

Hartley, R. Encoding cortical surface by spherical harmonics.Chung, M. A unified statistical approach to deformation-based morphometryNeuroImage Cortical thickness analysis in autism via heat kernel smoothing. In trying to model shape variations in medical images, it is not clear what sort of image features should be analyzed.

Building on the framework of fluid dynamics, Chung et al. These quantities are essential in measuring the tissue growth and atrophy at each voxel. Chung et al. The Jacobian determinant approach has been used in a wide variety of applications including the localization of the region of brain tissue growth before and after cochlear implant in positron emission tomography PET images.

Currently, the Jacobian determinant is the standard baseline feature for characterizing tissue growth and atrophy in brain imaging. It is necessary to develop a surface-based framework for increased sensitivity and specificity of analysis. The concept of smoothing anatomical measurements along the brain tissue boundaries for this purpose Chung et al. Diffusion smoothing, a concept introduced in Chung et al. The drawbacks of diffusion smoothing are the complexity of numerically solving the PDE and the numerical instability that depends on the smoothness of anatomical boundary.

In heat kernel smoothing, the analytically unknown nonlinear heat kernel is approximated linearly and smoothing is performed as the iterative convolution in a spatially adaptive fashion. In WFS, signals are represented as a weighted linear combination of eigenfunctions of the self-adjoint operator of the underlying manifold. The weights are exponentially decaying and related to the heat kernel of the manifold. On a sphere, the eigenfunctions are spherical harmonics.

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In the Euclidean space, they are the usual Fourier basis. Thus, WFS inherits all the nice localization properties of wavelets. The iterative residual fitting IRF algorithm was proposed for estimating more than spherical harmonic coefficients per brain Chung et al. Instead of analyzing shapes and images at a fixed scale, as usually done in traditional approaches, persistent homology observes the changes of topology over different scales and finds the most persistent topological features that are robust under noise perturbations.

Bythere had been many theoretical advancements in the field, but large-scale real-world applications beyond toy examples to clearly demonstrate its usefulness and power were lacking.Yi is credited for saving Choson Korea from the brink of collapse during the Japanese invasion of Yi is also reputed to have invented the first armored battleship Kobuksonnicknamed the "Turtle Ship" in the year In all of his 23 major naval battles, Yi was never defeated.

Yi is still dearly cherished in the hearts of Koreans today. In a nationwide survey conducted by Soonchunhyang University in AprilYi Sun-sin was chosen as the greatest figure in Korean history by In either case, the basic movements are the same.

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The difference is in the "up and down" motion that's used or notthe rhythm of the movements, and the breathing. See main article Sine Wave for additional details. Why was this video chosen for use on this wiki? Do you have a better video?

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His whole career might be summarized by saying that, although he had no lessons from past history to serve as a guide, he waged war on the sea as it should be waged if it is to produce definite results, and ended by making the supreme sacrifice of a defender of his country.

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Choong Moo performed by Joel Denis. Choong Moo Step-By-Step.He specializes in internal medicine. Likelihood of recommending Dr. Chung to family and friends is 3. Accepted insurance can change. Please double-check when making an appointment. Moo Chung, MD. Make an Appointment Show Phone Number. Click to Call. Overview Reviews Chung's Reviews Likelihood to recommend Dr.

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Leave a review How likely are you to recommend Dr. Select your rating. What People Say About Dr. Reply Flag Comment. I have been under Dr. Was this helpful? Moo Chung, MD? I like Dr. Chung, but the office staff is not so helpful. He has been a thorough doctor, but customer service skills of the office staff are lacking. One time I got a prescription and must have forgot to send it.

moo chung (mchung)

It was a Friday and I kept calling all afternoon to tell them. Nobody would help me and I ended up having to go up there 15 min before closing pushing myself through the door to talk to someone. The prescription was still never sent.

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Max in Katy, TX — Sep 16, Leave a review How was your experience with Dr. Overall Patient Satisfaction 21 responses. About Me Biography Dr. Specialties Internal Medicine. Board Certifications Internal Medicine Learn why a board certification matters. Awards Healthgrades Honor Roll Learn more about recognized doctors. Insurance Check Search for your insurance provider.Postdoctoral positions are available for large-scale brain image and network analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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The postdoctoral fellow will work with professor Moo K. Chung www. Candidates should have received or expected to receive PhD degree or equivalent in mathematics, CS, EE, statistics, physics, biomedical engineering, psychology, neuroscience or related areas. Previous neuroimaging research experience is a plus but not necessary.

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Interested candidates should email CV with the name of references and two representative papers to Moo K. Chung mkchung wisc. Applications will open sometime in the academic year. In the meantime, please save the date! We are particularly interested to receive applications from applied algebraic topology and related areas. They would be an excellent fit with our existing algebraic topologists and potentially with our statistics department, who are heavily involved in medical-data applications.

moo chung (mchung)

Abstract: The past fifteen years has witnessed a dramatic burst of applications of topological thinking and theorems in the applied sciences, ranging from statistics to sensor networks, neuroscience, and more, to be surveyed here. Several challenges remain, including: 1 how to compute topological quantities efficiently; 2 how to extend the set of current applications and methods; and, perhaps most importantly, 3 how to educate end-users in the meaning and proper use of homological tools.

This talk will demonstrate why homology is one of the most exciting new tools in applied mathematics. First, the use of Betti numbers; next, functoriality cf. What next? This talk will argue that sheaves and sheaf theory are a good candidate for the next toolbox for applied data science. The talk will give a gentle overview of this intimidating subject and provide details of a new class of sheaves useful in inference problems associated with sensor networks.

Final Ghrist poster. The aim of this school is to provide a gentle introduction to TDA, starting from scratch.The export option will allow you to export the current search results of the entered query to a file. Different formats are available for download. To export the items, click on the button corresponding with the preferred download format.

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Display statistics. Exact topological inference of the resting-state brain networks in twins. Type Article. Authors Chung, Moo K. Date Online Publication Date Print Publication Date Submitted Date Metadata Show full item record. Abstract A cycle in a brain network is a subset of a connected component with redundant additional connections.

If there are many cycles in a connected component, the connected component is more densely connected. Whereas the number of connected components represents the integration of the brain network, the number of cycles represents how strong the integration is.

moo chung (mchung)

However, it is unclear how to perform statistical inference on the number of cycles in the brain network. In this study, we present a new statistical inference framework for determining the significance of the number of cycles through the Kolmogorov-Smirnov KS distance, which was recently introduced to measure the similarity between networks across different filtration values by using the zeroth Betti number.He earned his first "black" belt actually midnight blue from Hwang Kee at age eleven.

Inhe won the Asian Championship. During the s, he was a martial arts combat instructor for the Republic of Korea Armed Forces and active duty United States soldiers in Vietnam. In addition, he was a self-defense instructor to the Korean civilian police force and provided security services for the Korean national railroad system.

Chung was sent by Hwang Kee, in the second wave of Korean martial arts masters[10] to the United States on June 18, Johnson[16] and hundreds of others, without losing a match.

Chung was the first grandmaster to introduce TaekwondoHapkidoand Tang Soo Do to Bermuda in the early s, through one of his students, David Avery. As one of the highest-ranking black belts in the United States, Chung was selected to serve on the testing panel and present Chuck Norris with his 9th dan black belt. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. South Korean martial artist. Taekwondo Hall of Fame. Taekwondo Grandmasters Hall of Fame Induction".

Taekwondo Grandmasters Society. Traditional Taekwondo Magazine. Spring Official Karate Magazine. Retrieved February 8, Actually ". Moo Duk Kwan. Whang Photo number 1 ".

Tang Soo Do World. Indomitable Spirit Online excerpts. Grand Rapids Press. Soo Bahk Do Federation. World Class IMA. Battle Creek Enquirer. Totally Taekwondo Magazine 18 : 49— Champion Taekwondo Bermuda. Western Michigan University Journal.

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